Metroxical New York

Music. Metro. New York City. A poetic narrative about underground subway music in New York City and how it forms the basis for a futuristic collective society. Metroxical New York takes a quixotic look at one of the world’s busiest metro system – the New York City Transit and its most integral feature – the subway music underground. It shows how live music in the New York City Subway is transforming the moods of millions of people who commute every day. 100's of New York City musicians who perform in the Subway stations come from all around the world to enlighten the place. The film also examines alienated, yet accommodative, subway passengers whose lives become interwoven through the music played by the numerous artists who themselves find solace in the process. For the subway artists, their music means life. For the passengers, it is a transitory phase. The beauty is in the connection between the creator and the seeker. The film invents a face of New York City that, amidst its individualism, dwells in the collective of a multicultural diverse society that is the embryonic stage of a future society. The phenomenon gets you to experience the musicians’ world below NYC, from Madison Square Garden to the WTC to Central Park and beyond.