Wings of Evolution

The film revolves around the revolutionary educational system of Siragu, a school for homeless and underprivileged children, located in the remote outskirts of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. For a long time, the focus of education in India has been one of compulsive learning procedures, rote learning and examination-based evaluation with no emphasis on children's understanding of concepts, critical thinking and implications in real life. Siragu school, in spite of limited resources and unimaginable obstacles has maintained a quality of education that we rarely see in current systems all around the world. Most of all, this kind of quality comes free of cost which, if propagated in India, is a boon to the millions of underprivileged people who cannot even imagine a possibility of basic education in their lifetime. For more information visit Siragu Montessori School Moreover, the film also focuses on bringing together children from around the world, through a world-wide postcard sharing workshop where children from around the world share thoughts, exchange ideas and promote cultural diversity, global peace and understanding towards building a better tomorrow. To share your thoughts and postcards, visit World-Wide Postcard Sharing Download here :