What the...?

Accessible Horizon. Alternative. Experimental. Collective. Creative. Collaborative. Chaos. Independent. Interdependent. Neo. Revolution.

How in the...?

Thinking. Meta-thinking. Love. Making. Burning. Challenging. Passion. Creating. Beyond borders.

Why, why why?

Gnawing need, y’know, to stir it up. Shake it up. Turn it up a notch. To feel the emotion. Smell the stench. End the bloody complacency. Anti-indoctrination. Embracing oblivion. Radicalize. Subvert. Awaken. Reclaim.


Dass, Earthling, Ramesh and Raghu. Yes, that’s us with the identity an’ all. We 4. Converge. Collective. Earthlings. All. Whatever. We don’t want to box ourselves in. We’ve been a collective even before the inception of Accessible Horizon films. Somewhere, sometime, something happened and our brains got wired into the entangled mess that we are.
We’ve always believed in collaborative work and have dabbled in a bunch of right-brain-activity-inducing kind of things while drifting aimlessly and such. Telling stories visually just came out of a need to voice out, to say something…anything, in this indifferent world. And film just happens to be a medium for us to tell these stories that shake things up a little viscerally, and maybe a hope for altering the status quo and shit.
Folks usually ask us a very simple question and we just can’t answer it straight. I mean, we try but…They ask us what we do. And we’d usually try to give an answer. But then, they’d ask us(again) as to what we ‘really’ do. And we’d stammer, trying to find words that would encapsulate their question’s answer. And they’d nod and go ‘oh ok’ and continue to have the puzzled look on their faces. Thing is, we’re trying to figure it out ourselves.
There are things that we ‘usually’ do AND usually we don’t do the things that we usually do. So if you still want to know more, about our worldly existence, do reach us, there’s nothing better than a personal connection.