About Accessible Horizon Films

Accessible Horizon Films is an Independent Film Collective creating feature films, web series, short films, documentary films and film-educational content.While we create original films(arthouse/mainstream) of an international caliber, we also help aspiring & upcoming filmmakers on their journey towards creating their visions a reality. We are steadily developing a reputation as a powerhouse in Independent Cinema and have a fiercely independent spirit while making our films and hope to disseminate the same mindset to the future generation of filmmakers.

What we do – Apart from creating distinctive & original films


Filmmaking Consultation

Guidance and expertise in the art and craft of filmmaking, tailored to individual needs and projects.

Screenwriting Consultation

Tailored guidance and expertise in the art and technique of screenwriting to elevate your storytelling.

Organise Workshops

Conducting interactive workshops to enhance skills, foster creativity, and inspire professional development in various fields.

Filmmaking Education Courses

Comprehensive filmmaking education courses offering hands-on training and theoretical knowledge for aspiring filmmakers.


About Stanzin Raghu

I am a Visual Storyteller, Filmmaker, Word-trafficker aka Writer and Director who creates & helps create cinema from a distinctive point of view. I traffick in words and images for films. I am a Consultant(Screenwriting/Filmmaking) for aspiring & upcoming Filmmakers that want to create films in an uncompromising way. I have taught Writing, Filmmaking & Visual Communication at Universities, Colleges, Schools & Institutes in the US and India. As a consultant, I have worked with various film productions and filmmakers. For aspiring/upcoming filmmakers, I help in the development of their screenplay, pre-production, production & post-production by creating an effective no-excuse system so that they can create without restrictions.

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