Why Storyboard – For Indie Filmmakers

If you have a short film/scene you want to shoot, and you are not sure of what kind of shots that you need for it(whether it’s a long/Wide shot, a MS or a CU) then the best way to do it, would be to create a storyboard.

A storyboard is a pre-visualization stage where you roughly create/translate visual frames/shots from your mind onto paper or the computer, literally shot by shot to create a scene.
3 Reasons for storyboarding:

  1. It conveys your vision/frame to your team while planning so that your camera team can decide what frame to compose, what lens to use and the action involved in the scene.
  2. You can reduce the time it takes to shoot your scene in a live location because you know exactly what you are going to shoot.
  3. You can time your scene depending on the number of storyboard frames or shots you need for the scene.
    Here’s a sample storyboard sequence for a small 2 character scene that I am working on. I checked out a location which I’m not sure I may get permission for. So I have tried to pre-visualize the scene so that I know the exact breakdown of the shots I need.
    Hope this gives an idea as to how you can plan your scene with a storyboard sequence.

Youtube Shorts Link: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ScOXSbqHQvk

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